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Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer of the Apollo Project, stands next to the code she wrote by hand and that was used to take humanity to the moon, 1969.

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Czuj strach i zrób to mimo wszystko.
— Susan Jeffers
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Ulver - Not saved

"And then you realize the first time you hear this song: This is not the first time, it's just the first time you remembered this song since the last time you forgot about it. Because it was always inside you waiting to be heard.

You never learn anything really. You just remember the things you've forgotten.

Nothing new under the sun."
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Każdy lubi być w centrum czyjegoś wszechświata.
— Jonathan Carroll
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Nie zwlekajcie. Są pociągi, na które spóźnić się nie wolno.
— Igor Newerly
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Potrzebowałam zmiany, potrzebowałam stać się kimś innym. Czułeś się tak kiedyś?
— 13 powodów- S01E09

Derek Duke - A Mortal Heart

 It leaves you with a sense of melancholy, in a weird sort of way.
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Jonson - Reason Of Senses

This song reminds me so much of the Blade Runner soundtrack, so amazing.
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