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Ulver - Not saved

"And then you realize the first time you hear this song: This is not the first time, it's just the first time you remembered this song since the last time you forgot about it. Because it was always inside you waiting to be heard.

You never learn anything really. You just remember the things you've forgotten.

Nothing new under the sun."
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private lessons ...
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Helping me move on a little more each day

You gotta move on
It’s not always plain clear,
Out here,
Where I stand

There will come a time,
Comes into your mind, like…
You gotta move on..
It cuts so deep,
To the bone

It was blue, and it was silver,
And I came to deliver,
The thoughts that I had,
I tried to run him round but…

He got lost in the wind that came up,
And I climbed all over this place,
I still stand up


You gotta move on…
It’s not always plain clear,
Out here,
Where I stand,
You gotta move on
You gotta move on..
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You just have to meet this guy.

His name is Jocko Willink and he's an ex-Navy SEAL commander, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and one of the most intense men on the planet.

He was also guested in Tim Ferriss' book Tools of Titans where he shared his wisdom. I've compiled his greatest lessons from his podcast as well into one single idea that is Jocko Willink.

Here are my top 10 ideas from him.

  • #1 Discipline Equals Freedom - With enough discipline, you can be sure that you will get what your heart desires and through the process be free. Financial freedom, freedom from disease, freedom from afflictive thoughts, freedom of time, what you do on a daily basis etc.
  • #2 Two is One and One is None - Have a Backup - If you have two of something, you still have one when you break or lose it, if you have one, you will break or lose it and be screwed. Always have a backup option or a piece of equipment with you.
  • #3 Expose Yourself to the Darkness to See the Light - To truly experience the light and the bright, you have to see the darkness. If you shielded yourself from the darkness, you’ll not appreciate and fully understand the beauty of life. Read dark books about the turmoil of life, don't suppress your negative emotions and don't be afraid to feel sad.
  • #4 To Be Mentally Tougher, Be Tougher - You can already be tougher with your next decision. Have trouble saying no to dessert? Be tougher. Feel an irresistible urge to give in to temptation, whether that be drugs, your bad habits or whatever? Be tougher than your desire. Feeling winded? Be tougher and take the stairs anyway.
  • #5 Take Extreme Ownership Over Your Life - Don't complain, own your own problems and solve them. When you do truly need something, only then ask for help.
  • #6 Wake Up Early To Gain Psychological Victory - Jocko gets up at 4:45 AM to have that psychological win over the enemy. When he wakes up in the morning, he thinks to himself: What can I do to be ready for the moment, which is coming?
  • #7 Always Be Prepared - Come prepared and prepare for the worst case scenario.
  • #8 Learn to Detach Yourself From the Situation - Don't look at it from your own ego. Step back and detach yourself mentally and emotionally as to see what really goes on.
  • #9 To Increase Willpower, Stay Strong and Hold Your Discipline - It's easier to say 'NO' to the entire doughnut than 'YES' to one bite and end up eating the whole thing.
  • #10 When Things Are Going Bad, Say Good and Get Back into the Fight - How to deal with setbacks, failures, delays, defeat or other disasters? There is one word to deal with all those situations, and that is: “good.” When things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that will come from it.

I'm a huge fan of Jocko Willink and his philosophy because it resonates with my own as well. Having gone through military service myself, I can totally attest to the benefits of living a highly disciplined life. It can set you free.

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Był koniec sierpnia. Nocami hukały sowy, a nietoperze krążyły bezszelestnie nad domem. Las pełen był szumu, morze - niepokoju. W powietrzu było oczekiwanie i smutek, a księżyc wschodził wielki i złoty. Muminek zawsze najbardziej lubił ostatnie tygodnie lata, ale nigdy dokładnie nie wiedział, dlaczego. Szum wiatru i morza był inny niż zwykle, czuło się w powietrzu odmianę, drzewa stały, jakby na coś czekając. “Tak mi się zdaje, że zdarzy się coś nadzwyczajnego” - pomyślał Muminek.
— Tove Jansson
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Dobrze jest tęsknić, gdy tęskni się z wzajemnością.
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Człowiek ma w życiu albo wymówki, albo wyniki.
— Jack Canfield i Mark Victor Hansen
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Age of Adaline
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